Nadar Mahajana Sangam


(Permanently affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)
Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC

Fitness Centre

Health is Wealth” These underline a vital fact of life. Without good health nothing is of much use. If any sensible person is asked what would prefer, health or wealth immediately answers health. Without good health and physical fitness life would become a burden and tasteless thing. It is a sure key to success. Only the healthy citizens make a healthy and happy nation. Healthy people can work hopefully, steadily, constantly at their best to achieve better and best results.


            To promote a healthy lifestyle for the individuals.


            To provide an Entertaining, Educational, Friendly, Functional and Innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the individuals.

Importance of Fitness:

            Cardio respiratory capacity is the ability of the body to take in oxygen (Respiration), deliver it to the cells (Circulation) and use it at the cellular level to create energy (Bioenergetics) through fitness work as aerobic capacity.

Principles of Fitness:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Aerobic exercise
  • To Control blood pressure
  • Cancer prevention
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Weight control

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