Nadar Mahajana Sangam


(Permanently affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)
Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC


  • Every student should behave herself in the class rooms and in college campus in a dignified manner and every student is responsible to maintain decorum in the classroom and college campus.
  • Every student should maintain eco-friendliness in the campus.
  • Every student must strive to create an atmosphere of friendliness and good cheer in the college. Students are expected to maintain cordial relationship with staff and other students.
  • Students are always expected admonish dress code(in saree or chudidhar) in accordance with approved etiquette, decency and dignity. Midi, short chudi, jeans pant, leggings & shirt are not allowed. Free hair is prohibited within the college premises.
  • Students are to be extra courteous, polite and lady- like in their behavior.
  • The college takes no responsibility for any article lost by the student.
  • No student shall participate in acts tending to discredit the institution.
  • Students are forbidden to organize any meeting/ party/ get together in college without written permission from the principal.
  • Letters addressed to students in the college are subject to scrutiny by the principal.
  • No collection/ subscription of any kind is allowed without the knowledge and consent of the principal.
  • Requests, petitions, appeals and complaints of any kind can be made only to the principal.
  • Without prior permission of the principal, no student can consent to give talks or orations outside the college.
  • Students should not bring cell phone or any their electronic device except calculator to the college campus. If such device is brought, it will be seized and severe punishment will be inflicted.
  • Students who trespass the code of conduct of the college, will be dismissed.
  • Students are expected to notice the matters put up on the college notice board, .ignorance of any such notice will not but accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with matters put up on the college notice board.
  • Any books, magazines or notices which are in no way related to the subject are not to be brought into the college campus.
  • All students should take active part in extra curricular activities of the college. Students shall conduct themselves with dignity and decorum during meeting and function.
  • Students are required to spend their leisure hours either in reading room or in library.
  • Students damaging the college property and scribing on the wall will be fined.
  • Ragging in punishable. If any student involves in ragging, they will be dismissed from the college.

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