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Maintenance Policy

The policy of the institution for creation and enhancement of infrastructure that facilitate effective teaching and learning is framed by the management and also to enhance infrastructure parallel to expanding curricular and extra-curricular areas. The management committee formulates this policy and revamps it according to the emerging trends and needs. Whenever there is a need for infrastructure augmentation, systematic efforts are made periodically by the management of our college to keep pace with new, supplementary and replacement demands.

The infrastructural development policies of our college are framed according to:

  • The needs of the students.
  • Their strength in different courses.
  • The ever expanding curricular and extracurricular areas.

The college campus has the best infrastructural facilities, which are used optimally and provides an ideal setup for teaching, learning and overall growth of the institution. The college has a regular practice of maintaining, repairing and renovating the buildings, equipments, appliances, computing and networking facilities, LCD projectors, smart classroom, digital library, reprographic machines, water purifiers and CCTV cameras on a regular basis.

The college ensures optimum allocation and utilization of available financial resources to procure equipments, construct and maintenance of buildings, look into repairs, cleanliness and security. All possible measures are taken to repair, maintain and upgrade the campus.


  • Certification of building stability license, Fire safety license and sanitary license are obtained and renewed every year.
  • Inspection of electrical work and renewal of transport license are processed systematically.
  • The numerous trees are tagged with botanical names and the path ways are shaded.
  • The college has made special efforts to be eco-friendly.
  • The college has solar lights which are installed in front of the library and main block.
  • In addition, energy saver, tube lights are replaced by LED.
  • LED TV is installed in the lobby to telecast the various activities done by the college.
  • CCTV Cameras are fitted in the administrative block, library, laboratory, main gate, in front of New building, SVN building for security purpose and also for maintaining discipline.
  • The college has adequate exnora staff for cleaning and special care is taken to clean the entire campus for the past 15 years.
  • Laboratory incharges regularly monitor the damage, repair requirements of their respective lab systems, equipments and gadgets available.
  • The college has an electrician for general maintenance and maintenance of the generator at regular basis.
  • Gardener is employed for nurturing the garden around the college building to provide green environment.
  • During the weekends and holidays, the campus is utilized for conducting central and state competitive TNPSC, VAO, Group I,II examinations etc.

Class Rooms

  • Incandescent Classrooms are perpetuated with cleanliness.
  • All Blocks are used for conducting regular classes during the working hours (9.30 am to 3.55 pm).
  • Add on courses and remedial classes are arranged for each semester.
  • Coaching classes for various Competitive Examinations, Life skill forum and Entrepreneur cell by clubs and forums are organized.


  • “Lab Rules” clearly states the rules and regulations to the students for proper maintenance of the laboratory.
  • According to the university syllabus pattern lab hours are allotted to the students regularly.
  • Guidance from lab assistance is sought at the lab hours by the learners.
  • Separate register is maintained for the system oriented issues and it is analysed and rectified by the lab assistant through system admin.
  • The system admin check all the computers and accessories and report the requirements related to repair, renewals and maintenance from time to time.
  • Installed an Anti-virus software in the computers.
  • Set up weekly updates or automatic updates for system supporting software.
  • Back up of data in the computers is done on a regular basis.
  • E- Disposal is mandatory and is properly disposed.
  • Every academic year, periodic service is done for the lab equipments.
  • Lab assistants supervise and maintain the equipments of the laboratories.
  • Stock verification and stock register is kept in existence at the end of every academic year.
  • The laboratories have lab assistants who assist the staff in supervising the experiments carried out in the lab.
  • Other laboratory instruments are serviced at a regular basis. When need arises qualified personal are called for servicing.
  • The computers are operated by UPS for uninterrupted power supply to maintain, control and voltage fluctuations.
  • Students under the supervision of staff and laboratory assistants are instructed to handle the apparatus/equipments with care.
  • Students who damage any apparatus will be asked to replace it or pay the cost.
  • The Principal and Management Committee of the college prepare a budget and releases adequate funds every year for the maintenance.
  • The management committee members discuss the budget allotment and allocate the budget at the beginning of the academic year for the retaining of the facilities.


  • The general library possesses about 19,745 Books, 1,35,000 E – Books and 6000 E-Journals.
  • The library functions from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on all working days.
  • Strict silence is observed.
  • Students are provided with library tokens by which UG students can borrow three books and PG students can borrow six books.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from sublending library books and library tokens.
  • In case of any loss of a book, the same will be asked to replace or cost of the book will be collected.
  • The worn out rare books garnered from the general library and department libraries are given for binding annually.
  • As the campus is bio-friendly, neem leaves wrapped in clothes are used to preserve the books from insects.
  • User-friendly service is rendered.


  • Physical education aims to provide facilities and opportunities of participation in physical activities through which the fullest development is attained.
  • Playground (200m track with 6 lanes and various courts) is properly utilized to conduct sports events.
  • Playground is well maintained and weeds are removed periodically with the help of the gardeners.
  • The best sports goods are purchased in the beginning of every academic year.
  • Special attention is paid to replace the goods carefully in cup boards and steel racks after the practice.
  • Damaged goods are replaced regularly.

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