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Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC



Semester SI.No Subject Code
I 1 Vanga kaditha thodarpugal UVKDL11
2 English UENEE11
3 Introduction to PC Softaware and MS Office CCADC11
4 PC Software and MS Office-Lab CCADC1P
5 Financial Accounting-I CCADC12
6 Business Accounting(NME) CCADN11
II 1 Kappidu Kotpadugalum,Nadaimuraigalum UVKDL21
2 English UENEE21
3 Business Application Programming CCADC21
4 Business Application Programming-Lab CCADC2P
5 Financial Accounting-II CCADC22
6 Advertising in Salesmanship(NME) CCADN21
III 1 Database Applications CCADC31
2 Database Applications(ORACLE)-Lab CCADC3P
3 Financial Accounting-III CCADC32
4 Business Statics CCADC33
5 Cost Accounting CCADC34
6 Retail Marketing(Skill Based) CCADS31
IV 1 Introduction to Visual Programming CCADC41
2 Visual Programming-Lab CCADC4P
3 Banking Theory,Law& Practice CCADC42
4 Business Mathematics CCADC43
5 Financial Accounting-IV
6 International Trade
Extension Activity
V 1 Financial Accounting-V CCADC51
2 Business Laws CCADC52
3 Income Tax Law And Practice-I CCADC53
4 Introduction to Multimedia And DTP CCADC54
5 Multimedia Application-Lab CCADC5P
6 Environmental Studies UES8D51
7 Export & Import Procedures & Documentation(Skill Based) CCADS51
VI 1 Labour laws CCADC61
2 Income Tax Law & Practice-II CCADC62
3 Fundamentals of Internet & web Technologies CCADC63
4 Project Work on the Job Training(Viva Voce) CCADC6R
5 Value Education UVE8V61
6 Commerce Practicals CCADS6P
7 MS Office And Tally Lab CCADS6Q
8 Information Technologies CCADS61


Semester SI.No Subject Code
I 1 Advanced Financial Accounting TCACC11
2 Advanced Business Statistics TCACC12
3 Management Concept TCACC13
4 Fundamentals of Information Technology TCACC14
5 Enterprise Resource Planning TCACT11
II 1 Quantitative Techniques for Management TCACC21
2 Cost and Management Accounting TCACC22
3 Investment Management TCACC23
4 Computer Network TCACC24
5 Programming in C++(Project &Theory) TCACT21
III 1 Advanced corporate Accounts TCACC31
2 Direct Taxes TCACC32
3 Legal Environment of Business(NME) TCACN31
4 Database Management System TCACN34
5 Web Programming and Technologies TCACC33
IV 1 Financial Management TCACC41
2 Indirect Taxes TCACC42
3 Retail Management TCACC43
4 Computerized Accounting And office Automation TCACT41
5 Project TCACC4P

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