Nadar Mahajana Sangam


(Permanently affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)
Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC

The outcome of students learning states the expected knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies and proficiency at the institution of higher education.

Program Outcomes

  • Motivating the learners towards higher education.
  • Providing inter-disciplinary knowledge through non-major elective courses.
  • Developing research culture by incorporating projects both practical and technical skills in the curriculum.
  • Giving practical exposure by providing opportunities for industrial visit.
  • Offering fundamental computer knowledge.
  • Moulding their employability skill through job-oriented courses.
  • Enhancing soft skills besides aptitude and intellectual skills.
  • Creating environmental awareness through environmental studies.
  • Molding them into good citizens of the nation through Value Education.

Program specific outcomes

  • Identify key relationships between important variables by analyzing the cause-and-effect relationship in the issues of business and public policy.
  • Developing the ability to solve the real time problems through computer coding and applications.
  • Understanding of the basic forms of poetry anddevelopment of the comprehensive ability of students.
  • Ability to read a textclosely and to articulate the value of closed reading in the study of literature and rhetoric.
  • Acquaint with range of issues related to Indian History that span distinct eras.
  • Develop problem solving ability using mathematical tools and demonstrate the fundamental basic concepts and techniques in calculus.
  • Develop basic skills to perform experiments by understanding the concepts from existing theories of Basic physics

Course outcome

  • Evaluate socio-political-economic environmental business problems using analytical and creative, and integrative abilities.
  • Develop the skill of applying concepts and techniques used in Commerce.
  • Serve as Web Designer with latest web development technologies.
  • Serve as Programmer or Software Engineer with sound knowledge of practical and theoretical concepts for developing software’s.
  • Interpret the literary works by critical analysis and strengthen their language capacity.
  • Compare literary works of the great philosophers using their logic and literary capacity.
  • Evaluate the basic themes, concepts, chronology and the Scope of Indian History.
  • Acquire wider knowledge in mathematical theories which enable them to share with the future generations.
  • Demonstrate a rigorous understanding of the core theories & principles of physics, which include mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, & quantum mechanics.

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