Nadar Mahajana Sangam


(Permanently affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University)
Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC


The Students Union of N.M.S.Sermathai Vasan College for Women is purely done on the basis of student’s potential in exhibiting their writing and speaking skills. The Student Union Selection is done for a number of different positions and roles across the students’ union. By each and every year the selection takes place in the month of June as soon as the college reopens.

The selection process goes on in 3 rounds. First is the selection of apt students who are talented enough to balance their studies with that of their volunteer service inside and outside campus from each department. So it is the duty of heads to nominate the best candidate from their department, so from each and every department there will be nominations.

The second round is testing the candidates writing skill. A general topic was given to all before 1 hour of time. The papers were valued by the staff members allotted by the Principal and marks were given based on their way of presentation, language, content and points. The high scoring 12 candidates were extracted and they were selected for the next round of selection process.

The third round of judgment starts by testing their spoken language commandants over their voice audibility etc., As maintained before a general common topic was given to all 1 hour ahead of time. For this round all the department heads, principal, vice principal and the senior most staff members from the students union will be present in the panel of judges. The students have to exhibit their oral skill in front of these panel members. After the speech question round was based on their speech and their way of answering will be judged.

Based on their written and oral skill, mark were allotted and finally according to the scoring based on their performance and oral conduct certificate given by the head of the departments, various as postings were allotted.

Positions of the Students Union:

S.No Position Name
1 Chairman A. A. Anusha III BBA
2 Secretary A. Vanitha Priya III BCA
3 Vice Chairman V. Lokeshwari III B.Com
4 Joint Secretary U. Rowla Banu III B.A (Eng)
5 Entertainment Representative S.Sri Nivedha III B.A (Eng)
6 Day student Representative K. Sumithra III BCA
7 Bus Representative J. Pooja III Maths
8 Discipline Representative S. Rajathi III B.A Tamil
9 Discipline Representative D. Vigneswari III BBA
10 Discipline Representative R. Oviya III B.Sc (Phy)
11 Campus Environment Representative A.J Nikidha III B.Sc (IT)
12 Campus Environment Representative D. Deiva Aruna III BBA

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