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Weight Lifting


“Those who gain a victory over others are strong but those who gain a victory over themselves are all powerful”

The sport of weightlifting is muscle-building activity involving heavy weights. Besides being good students, the girls of N.M.S Sermathai Vasan College are extremely concerned about their physique. As a result of this consciousness weightlifting is a very popular activity in N.M.S Sermathai Vasan College. Our students were participated in Inter collegiate weight lifting meet and got gold medal in (70kg to 75kg weight category), silver medal in (63kg to 65kg weight category) bronze medal in (68kg to 70kg weight category).


The sport or activity of lifting barbells or other heavy weights. There are two standard lifts in modern weightlifting: The Single Movement lift from floor to extended position and the two movement lift from floor to shoulder position and from shoulder to extended position.
Our powerful lifters were participated in Inter collegiate weight lifting meet was conducted by Madurai Kamaraj University at S.R.N.M College Sattur on 13.09.2017. The following lifters were participated in this meet.
1. D.Dharani – III B.Sc Maths
2. R.Ananthi – III B.Sc IT
3. M.Gowsalya – III B.Sc C.S
4. S.Sankareshwari – III B.Sc C.S
5. U.Gowsalya – III B.Com C.A
6. C.V.Suganya Devi – II B.Com., E.Com
Our students S.Sangareshwari gold medalist in (65kg to 70kg weight category),
U.Gowsalya – III B.Com C.A Bronze medalist in (63kg to 65kg weight category), M.Gowsalya – III B.Sc C.S Bronze medalist in (54kg to 57kg weight category) and C.V.Suganya Devi – II B.Com, E.Com (75+ weight category) received bronze medal and also our college has placed overall second position in this tournament.

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